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Halloween Party! October 27, 2007

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Today Cp Relesed The 2007 Halloween Party!

Lets Check it Out!

Well, its like the easter egg hunt from april if you find all the candy you get this……Halloween Scarf

Heres A Pic Of All The Candy And Free Items


Well if some of you dont know all the pics have Clemson 7 in them, he is my 2nd penguin and almost all the pages will be updated with him in them!

Anyway Heres A Guide On how To Get EVERYTHING!

First you need to get a Trick or Treat basket found in the Snow Forts then you can begin your hunt.

1st Candy: Found in the Pizza Parlor on top of the organ. It will bounce right beneath the pumpkin at the bottom of your Club Penguin screen.

2nd Candy: Found in the Coffee Shop in the big basket of candy!

 3rd Candy: Found in the forest in the tree above the Club Penguin Map.

4th Candy: Found in the Beacon in the life saver near the Jet Pack game.

5th Candy: Found in the Ski Lodge in the Dead Mullet’s eye.

6th Candy: Found in the Dance Club. Click the green puffle on the speaker and answer the question. The answer is ‘Happy Halloween’. He will then bring you the carmel apple.

 P.S. For one of the first times in CP history the Dance Club puffle gets off his Speaker!

7th Candy: Found in the Mountain you need to click the scarecrow and choclate will appear.

8th Candy: Found in the cove. Look in the binoculars and wait…… the octopus will come past holding a lolipop, the last piece of candy!

After you have finished collecting all the candy you can claim your prize, again this.Halloween Scarf

Also If You Didnt Notice Theres A New Mission Coming Soon!

HQ Board

Well, for now WADDLE OUT!
-Badger 7

ClIcK HeRe



1. rockhoppertracker - October 29, 2007

Badger could I borrow your candy hunt picture? Its urgent for my site. Thanks

2. badger7 - October 29, 2007

But you must have a link to my site saying “From Badger 7”

3. rockhoppertracker - October 29, 2007


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