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Mission 5: The Secret Of The Fur! November 7, 2007

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Heres A Guide To Mission 5 The Secret Of The Fur!

1. Talk to G and get started right away.
2. Help him fix the Furensic Analyzer.
3. Use the haircomb on your spyphone to brush the hair.
4. Put in the mysterious white fur to analyze it.
5. Go to the left and pick up the AC 1000 fan
6. Now go to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the owner.
7. Put the hot sauce and chocolate sauce in your inventory.
8. Talk to the owner again , take the pizza that you need to deliver.
9. Go to the Ski Lodge and move to the right towards the Ice Fishing.
10. Give the fishing penguin the pizza.
11. Go to the Coffee Shop and talk to the owner there.
12. Help him fix the chocolate machine behind him.
13. Use the spanner in your spy phone and fix the hoses.
14. Put the cup in its place and add the chocolate sauce in the bowl.
15. Turn on the heat on your right and put the hot chocolate in your inventory.
16. Go to the beach and pick up the fishnet on your left.
17. Enter the Lighthouse and move to the left , pick up the rope.
18. Talk to the 2 penguins and go upstairs to the Beacon.
19. Go to the right and use ur air fan to blow the balloon with the fuel closer.
20. Take your spy phone and use the scissors to get the fuel down.
21. Add the fuel to your inventory and go back to the secret hq.
22. Click on the Calibration machine and add the following ingrediants.
23. Add the fuel , the hot sauce and the warm chocolate milk.
24. Put the glases in your inventory and turn em on.
25. Go to the Ski Lodge and click on the candle to add in your inventory.
26. Move to the right and talk to the penguin under the couch.
27. Go to the Ice Fishing place , there you will see the monster.
28. Add the fishnet and the rope together and place it on the ground.
29. Put the candle on it to use as bait to lure the creature and capture it.
30. Take the crab and pick up the piece of white fur.
31. Go back to the secret hq and talk to G.
32. Give him the crab and talk some more.
33. Click on the Furensic Analyzer and analyze the white fur.
34. Yikes a polar bear , well done agent!
35. add the medal and the gift to your inventory.
36. Open your player card and click on the pizza to eat it.

-For Now Waddle Out!




1. secretagentofclubbp - November 7, 2007
2. tgrace10 - November 7, 2007

hey badger cphg is up and running and go to it anybody who reads this cphg.blogspot.com plz go stephy doodle and every one plz!!!!

3. Badger7 - November 7, 2007

Great Tgrace!

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