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No More Badger Times….. November 23, 2007

Posted by badger7 in Uncategorized.

Hey Guys,

Ive decided to quit the Badger Times.

Its just way to much work for me to do.

Well Im Deleting The Page So This post will have the badger times on it for records.

Issue 1- Made November 3rd 2007-

Issue 2 Made November 9th 2007-

Thanks For Understanding

For Now Waddle Out!




1. rockhoppertracker - November 23, 2007

why don’t you just make one a month? that’s what i do

2. Clemits12345 - November 24, 2007

Yeah one a month would be good!

3. badger7 - November 24, 2007

Hey Shred, Whats Your Email?

4. rebeltink - November 24, 2007

come on once a month!

5. badger7 - November 24, 2007

ill think about it

6. rockhoppertracker - November 24, 2007
7. bananasxxx4 - November 24, 2007

ok i emailed you.

8. 999pingu111 - December 17, 2007

Im thinking of making my own… And it wont fail like the others!

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