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1000 Hits Party! October 24, 2007

Posted by badger7 in Party, Stuff You Need To Know.

As Most of you know i have 1000 hits heres the inventation for it!

If You Can Read It, Heres What it Says!

Youre Invited To Badger7s 1000 hits party!

When: Friday 10/26/07 5PST

Where: Badger7s Igloo, Alaska America

Hope All You Can Make It! 🙂 😆 🙂

The Party was pretty bad, the only people that came were Me, Nate,and Hatmanpepper.

Thanks to all who came, and whoever didnt……… Well Im Not Going to have another party because now i know that nobody cares about me or my site…. so im concidering quiting.

So If This is my last post ever.

Well, Good-Bye

A Very Deppresed Badger 7…….


2 Year Aniversary Party! October 24, 2007

Posted by badger7 in Party, Stuff You Need To Know.

 Today CP Realesed The 2 Year Aniversary Party!

The Free Item is at the book room its a Yellow Party Hat!

In Other News……

Im Back! And Will Continue To Post Here! Id Like to thank stephydoodle for posting here! You can Go to her site by finding it on my blogroll! I also Have 1000 Hits Im Planing The Party And I Will Make The Invintation Tomorow!

Also i Have Another Penguin That I Will Be Using its Clemson 7!

For Now Waddle Out!

-Badger 7

Big Wigs? October 12, 2007

Posted by badger7 in New Catolge, Stuff You Need To Know, Uncategorized.

Ok This Proves That Club Penguin Has Officially Gone CrAzY!

Today they realesed a new catologe with Hair In It! Its Called Big Wigs.


For Now On stephydoodle will be posting here!


ClIcK HeRe

COPYRIGHT October 12, 2007

Posted by badger7 in Stuff You Need To Know.
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For now on this site Is COPYRIGHTED, for all who dont know that means YOU CANT COPY without my perrmission.

Thanks For Now Waddle Out!


P.S. Im Leaving For Vacation NOW!

See Ya!