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CP History

This Page Is About How Club Penguin Started!

Remeber: I DID NOT MAKE THIS! IT WAS 999pingu111 http://999pingu111.wordpress.com

Watex  http://watex.wordpress.com

Well, Club Penguin started off as a game called Experimental Penguins.
This Game was soled to penguinchat.com and since then it has been known as penguin chat.
Then Rocket Snail made penguin chat 1 which consisted of an igloo, a place with an igloo, and an empty space.

About a week later they made Penguin Chat 2. I believe the only difference was they had a room with a soccer ball and a net. I will have to look into that later. Anyway, here are some pics of Penguin Chat 1 and Penguin Chat 2.






The next version, Penguin chat 3 was released sometime between April 7th and May 16th, 2001. Out of 1 and 2, it was the most popular. In that game, there was a town, a coffee shop, a dance club, a construction site, and possibly a few more rooms.
Here are some pics of penguin chat 3.









At that time the gift shop wasn’t a room. It transfered you to a place where you could buy real things like stickers.
In Penguin Chat 3 the only things you could wear were a construction hat, and a ninja suit. You could also wear 12 different colors. They were dark blue, light green, light pink, black, red, light purple, orange, dark purple, brown, dark pink, dark green, and light blue. Close to the current colors in cp.

Note: As You Can See These Were Simaler, Yet Very Diffrent From Our Club Penguin

It is now August 2005 and the beta version of club penguin has started!
Here are some pics.














It’s October 24th 2005 and club penguin has finnaly been released!
 Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed learning about how the game you play started!

Parties Of Club Penguin



-January 2006- Winter Luau (Red Hawaiian Lei)

-February 2006 – Valentine’s Day Celebration (Red Sunglasses, Bowtie)

-March 2006 – Pizza Party (Pizza Apron)

-March 2006 – St. Patrick’s Day Party (St. Patrick’s Day Hat)

-April 2006 – April Fool’s Day Party (Red Propeller Cap)

-April 2006 – Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt (Pink Bunny Ears)

-May 2006 – Mine Party (Mining Cap)

-June 2006 – Summer Party/Beach Opening (Blue Hawaiian Lei, Water Wings, Inflatable Duck, and Whistle)

-July 6, 2006 to July 14, 2006 – Western Party (Bandanna)

* August 4, 2006 to August 19/20, 2006 (extended by 6/7 days) – Sports Party (Red/Blue Face Paint, Skates)

-September 22, 2006 – Lighthouse Opening (Red Sailor’s Cap, Lighthouse Shirt (from The Penguin Times)

-October13,2006 to October 20, 2006 – Rockhopper Arrival #1 (Eye Patch)

-October24, 2006 – 1 Year Anniversary Party (Anniversary Party Hat)

-October27, 2006 – Halloween Party (Wizard’s Hat)

-November2006 – Lime Green Color Party (Members only, Lime Green Color, Green Cape)

-December8, 2006 to December 21, 2006 – Rockhopper Arrival #2 (Pirate Bandanna, Red Puffle)

-December22, 2006 to January 2, 2007 – Christmas & New Year’s Party (Santa Hat, Santa Beard)


-January19, 2007 to January 22, 2007 – Winter Fiesta (Maracas)

-Febuary 9, 2007 – Rockhopper Arrival #3 (Pirate Belt)

-Febuary 9, 2007 to February 19, 2007 – Festival of Snow (Snowflake T-Shirt, Ice Crown)

-Prior to March9, 2007 – Rockhopper Arrival #4 – Rockhopper returns Bambadee to the shores of Club Penguin but amazingly never gets noticed by other penguins.

-March9, 2007 to March 16, 2007 – Rockhopper Arrival #5 (Pirate Shoes, Sea Monster Background)

-March16, 2007 to March 20, 2007 – St. Patrick’s Day (St. Patrick’s Day Hat)

-March30, 2007 to April 2, 2007 – April Fool’s Day Party (Blue Propeller Cap & Novelty Glasses)

-April6, 2007 to April 9, 2007 – Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt (Blue Bunny Ears)

-April27, 2007 – Rockhopper Arrival #6 – (Puffle/Pirate Bandanna)

-April27, 2007 to May 2, 2007 – Pirate Party (Sailor Hats (found by following the treasure route in the Ship Hold))

-May 18to May 24, 2007 – Party for Forest (players had to follow a map to find it)

-May 25 to May 29 – New Cove Party ( Members only, Whistle, Lifeguard Life ring)

-June 8 to June 18 – Summer Party ( Blue Hawaiian Lei, Green Inflatable Duck, Ice Cream Apron, Green Sunglasses, Flower Headress)

-July 13 to July 17 (Extended 3 Days)- Water Party (Umbrella Hat, Blue Water Wings)

-Sometime in August- Camping Party- (Marshmellow on a stick)

-Sometime in September- Fall Fair- (Catologe of Prizes)

-October 26-27-2 Year aniversary party(2 year aniversary party hat)

-October 28- November 2- Halloween Party (Halloween Scarf)

-November 23-?- Suprise Western Party-( Bandana, Backgrounds)

For Now Waddle Out!




1. rebeltink - November 21, 2007

thats interesting :0

2. idontbreak - November 23, 2007

This is the best Page you have in youre site 😀

3. badger7 - November 23, 2007

Thanks IDB!

4. badger7 - November 23, 2007

New Page Update On CP History!

5. Madison414 - November 29, 2007

😀 :O

6. samo355 - December 3, 2007

i really wish they still had the ninja suit. :c

7. samo355 - December 3, 2007

yea i thuoght it was always clubpenguin and then they made a few changs here and there! :O!

8. Ephrem - December 3, 2007

hey thats rockhoppertracker’s ones

9. cpnp35 - December 4, 2007

wats rt’s

10. Midgt100000 - December 12, 2007

how many hits do yiu have?

11. Midgt100000 - December 13, 2007

I’m cool

12. cpnp35 - December 15, 2007

hey Midget if u werent such an idoit u would look at the front page idoit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13. rebeltink - December 16, 2007

what ev cool info 🙂

14. The Green Santa - December 23, 2007

Pumpkin Candy Basket needs to be added to Haloween party 07 and Christmas Party 07 needs to be added.

15. Woanelli - August 20, 2008

Is the penguin chat still a site or did Club Penguin Take over?

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